Already Tired

It is not even 1:30 in the afternoon and I am already tired.  I got up early this morning to do stuff.  I had online banking and then went for my early morning haircut.  I was back here by 9:30 and a short time later out the door grocery shopping.


I actually went to three different places for stuff.  They were Costco, Stop and shop, and finally Shop_Rite.  It seemed like it took for ever.  I happily got everything and so hopefully we won’t have to go shopping for at least a few more days.


Anyway I will be leaving here in a little while to go to M&R for Mexican Train game.  It should be a lot of fun.  There should be 9 of us I think and we are going to order Chinese from the restaurant down the street.


I am hoping we finish by 8 or so that I can be home halfway early to say goodnight to Mom and start some of the laundry that continues to stare at me from the floor.  I have noticed that all the bath towels are in my laundry.


Well its time for me to get going…see you later


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