More of Mother’s Day 2014

Mother’s Day is coming to an end for another year.  It was a quiet one for the most part.  I left here just around 9.  I woke Mom up long enough to tell her Liz was coming at 11 so I am guessing she stayed in bed for a while longer.

I had made a quick stop at Dunkin for an Oreo Coolatata (or what eve) and then headed to the nursing home.  Marni was there and doing some paper work.  I started setting up and drinking the coolatata.  WE played for an hour and even had a visit from the Lions Club president who was delivering the flowers.  She told me there was unrest within the pride.  Apparently Linda Gustafson is becoming unpopular (more than usual).

After Bingo I went to church and nearly fell asleep again.  I don’t know why I had coffee and the huge drink.  After church I headed home.

Rogier and Diane and Ethel came by for a short Mother’s Day visit with Mom.  They talked about the recent Broadway show they saw and more trips and things they were doing.  After they left we had a quiet afternoon.
Now I am going to have dinner…will be back later…


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