Gorgous Sunday

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day even with the wind.  I could enjoy days like this..  I am not one for sitting outside a lot .  I would have to have a sweater or long sleeves on and one of those big hats.


My intention this morning was to get up early and do some stuff like maybe laundry and replace the lightbulb in the bathroom all before Mom got up but only part of it got done.  I did get my jacket at Roberta’s.


Bingo went well.  PJ was there and we had two volunteers.  The hour went pretty fast I thought as well.  There was a Eucharistic Service at 11 so we finished just before 11.  I was out the door and to Dunkin Doughnuts for more coffee before church.


I went to the 11:30 mass.  I knew Liz would be serving as Eucharistic Minister there.I guess she didn’t know where she was going to be sitting.    She was able to sit with me.  After Mass we headed back here.  I don’t know how she got there before me when I left church before her.  I even took the highway.


Mom was out back watching TV and so we gathered for the Eucharist.  Before starting they got some chit chatting in and then we did the distribution.  LIz had to get back with the kids for a few hours before returning for the 4:30 mass.  She was doing the readings for that mass.


My neighbor was having a weekend tag sale that made getting on to the street somewhat of a challenge.  By the end of the day it was normal again.


I had some lunch and then got ready to do some shopping.  Unfortunately i had to come home before going to the next store because I wasn’t feeling well.   My stomach wasn’t cooperating for very long.  Once it settled I went back out and finished shopping.


We decided that we would get dinner from Pop’s restaurant at 5 and that’s what we did.  Mom couldn’t finish hers and i really couldn’t either but it was good.


Mom and i watched TV and I did some laundry and now we are going to bed…


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