Commencement Day 2014

Yesterday was Commencement Day at the University.  It started at 10:30.As I was driving to the garage I noticed a small group of people walking and I was thinking it looked like a family walking to their graduation site.  I also thought it was far too early for them to be doing that but what do I know.


Secretary of State John Kerry gave the Class Day speech on Saturday.  He even tweeted about it as well.  I can only speculate how traffic and the activity level was like here as I never made it into town.  The traffic leaving the garage was heavier than usual.


The office looked great with the new rugs.  The walls will be painted tonight so I had to make sure everything was put back where I had them (I was hoping to have the mail done but it wasn’t to be) when I left.  I can finish it tomorrow.


last night was the annual Creative Writing contest reception.  It was filled to capacity and the weather was cooperating.  The Honorable Ben Blake, Mayor of Milford presented the Presidential Volunteering awards to four of the graduating seniors of the Girls Club.  One of the girls also got the Helen Langner scholarship as well.   It was a lot of fun.  We finished up by 8:30.


When I got home Mom was up in her office and we talked about the ceremony and then she got ready for bed and I had my steak dinner.  I was in bed by 10:30….


I am very excited about taking some time off for the next few days.  I have some appointments that are important and I am probably going to some heavy duty spring cleaning in my house.



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