A busy Afternoon

I managed to get the grocery shopping done and go to Julia’s Bakery for lunch.  Unfortunately while I was having lunch the frozen fruit thawed out and I had to put them in a bowl when I got home.  I was pretty much done by 3:30 and that included getting the birthday cards for Liz and Kristina for both Mom and myself.


I had to take care of some DTC business and that included sending emails regarding the upcoming dinner and making phone calls.  I Have to deliver some stuff to the 4th District Chairman tomorrow I hope.


WE had meatloaf burgers for dinner and it was quite good.  It seem to take a while to cook everything including the potatoes.  So it was around 6 when finally sat down. It was worth the wait.  For dessert we had the BReyers Gelato Indulgences.Vanilla Caramel.  it was quite good and they have four different flavors but we have determined its probably more expensive than their regular flavors.


Now that Mom is asleep and the house is quiet I think I am going to bed.  My arms and legs are starting to hurt a little and I have taken my meds for this so its time to hit the sack.


2 thoughts on “A busy Afternoon

  1. Thank you we are doing pretty good this week. Yes that’s exactly what they are…They were delicious. WE have several more in the freezer waiting to be cooked. They are very tasty with the onions and vegetables and spices already in them.

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