A Gorgeous Day

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day from early morning right through the day.  It was in the low to mid 70’s today here in Milford and it was the same in New Haven.  I even got to walk outside even though it was just to Walgreen’s.  The weathermen at Channel 8 is recommending the AC’s go into the window and get turned on.  I have a fan I may put it because I was a little warm last night and I have a feeling its going to be the same tonight.


I really got up early this morning before 5 actually.  I told Mom I didn’t go back to bed but instead got online, watched TV, surfed the net and the got ready for work and was out the door a little before 7:15.   I managed to even get breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts and got to New Haven in plenty of time to get to the office and get set up and have my breakfast.


i was able to get a lot done today and of course have more to do when more comes my way tomorrow.  The office continues to make me feel very organized and have a lot of room.  I managed to get some supplies (cleaning and food related) for the office at lunch time.


It was nearly five when I got in the house. The drive home was really not that eventful if it was I really didn’t notice it.  I think because something was irritating my eyes today.  Of course when I got on the street I had to see my God sons Simon and Sawyer.


When I finally got in the house Mom was waiting on me for dinner.  We were having leftover stuffed peppers and cauliflower and for dessert fruit over shortbread cookies.  It was certainly refreshing for a night like tonight.


I got a weird email from Jamie’s email account. I emailed him and asked him about it he didn’t know what it was that’s when I knew it was a phishing email.  I forwarded the email to him so he could take a look.  I also told Mom about it at dinner and the end result.


I heard from the doctor today (my primary) and he wants me to start taking Vitamin B3.  I am not sure why I have to listen to the voice mail message again.  I really have to update my health blog. Its been weeks okay may be even months since I did.


Well I am going to get to bed.  I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow that includes going to Senator Gayle Slossberg’s  Campaign kickoff Party at 5:30.   I was talking about it with Mom.  I told her I wasn’t going to be there very long.  I am thinking of going for a couple of hours.  She is a really good friend of ours.


Oh and thanks to Keith in KY for this little reminder there is less the 206 days until Christmas….:)


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