Busy week Again

Monday I worked, saw Mom and went shoe shopping with Liz.  I did pretty well.  I got three pairs of shoes all velcro type shoes and had the same woman wait on us from the last time.  Liz was impressed with her.   They are going to be comfortable.


Tuesday was a night of rest after my visit with Mom and a trip to IHOP for dinner.  I was really exhausted.  My sleep continues to be very erratic.  I have also been achy by the time I get home and sometimes can’t lift things.


Today I met with Debra and told her of the past week’s events including the one where one of the staff members told Mom I was yelling and causing scenes over Mom not getting tea. She agreed that 1) it was very unprofessional of that person to even speak to Mom on the matter and 2) if that person had a problem with me to come to me.


Tonight is the final MYWC meeting of the year.  We are having a farewell party for the seniors and the installation of the officers.  I am bringing wings and things from Buffalo Wild Wings.


Thursday  I am getting a pedi-manicure done right after work.  I hope to get to see Mom right after.  She was having a tough day today and I just wanted to see her.


Friday I probably will do laundry and get ready for the wedding on Saturday.  I won’t be staying up too late that night either.


Saturday morning is my hair appointment and then I will get ready for the wedding   Rich and Chris are supposed to pick me up at 3:30 for the wedding.  I have to supply the address for them.


Sunday I have my morning activities and then the picnic for the woman’s club and girls club.  That evening I meet up with a new client for dog sitting.  Then I go home and get ready for the week ahead…


2 thoughts on “Busy week Again

    • Hi honey…yeah about two weeks ago Mom fell and broke her hip. She spent the weekend in the hospital after having surgery. She has been rehabbing in a nursing home since the 9th. She is anxious to come home but not risking her self any injuries. She is very persistent. I don’t blame her but if she is not steady on her feet and able to put weight or what ever she won’t be home this coming week.

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