Another Cool Morning

It iwas another cool and overcast morning here in Milford and it would seem it is the same way in Tacoma WA  where my Nephew John and his bride to be Heather got  married this afternoon.  I would have loved to have gone but with everything that has been going on I just couldn’t do it.  I posted a message on Facebook for them.


My plans for today include some cleaning of the room (getting rid of old papers and stuff like that), working on DTC stuff for the meeting later this week.  OF course getting ready for the work week ahead.


I have noticed a few blogging sites have done some changes.  I think it would behoove me to read the various updates and see how I can maneuver them.  When I am writing on Google docs it seems to be dragging and it is frustrating.


Mom had a couple of visitors today.   Brian R just before lunch and two (TM & Neighbor C) while she was outside on the porch.  She had just finished walking up and down the street/sidewalk  when the visitors arrived.  I joined them and in between the visitors I did some weeding and watering of the flower beds.  Mom got a little chilled so I brought her inside and a short time later Maureen came to cook our dinner.


She apologized for being later but a dish she was cooking for class and us was just finishing up and she wanted us to have it.  It was one of the few side dishes she made for tonight.  We started off with Corn chowder and then pork w/apple sauce (home made) and knishes and sweet potatoes and zucchini  For dessert we had ice cream and homemade chocolate chip cookies.  We also discussed upcoming meals for the next couple of weeks and she also advised us to use the frozen stuff in the freezer downstairs before it goes bad.  It was just about then when I started feeling sick.  It has since subsided but I couldn’t imagine what I did to start it off.


I spent the rest of the night doing some DTC stuff and watching TV.  Now I am going to crash.  It is going to be a busy day and probably a busy week again.


Take care.


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