Humidity is coming back

The rest of the week is supposed to get humid. The cool temperatures that we have had in the last several days are going away. Although it was comfortable today the last few days for me have been chilly. It didn’t stop me from wearing short sleeves (and I really shouldn’t have) but I buried myself under the furry blankets last night.

Work is going pretty good so far. I am getting things done and not feeling any stress. I have decided that I will be taking a couple of weeks off in September. One reason it’s usually the time I take it and I have rescheduled my colonoscopy for the second week of September. I even told my bosses. “S” was joking with me. I have just got to make sure there is a lot of stuff done before I leave then.

When I got home I found Georgina and Mom in their usual spots. We chatted about their day and the fact the plumber came and fixed some things (the running toilet) and tried to fix the water pressure of the faucets but he says its because of the work going on outside (its been like this a while). While they had dinner I went upstairs and watched TV.

After a while I had an ensure and then even more I visited with neighbors and my various god children (the dogs). It was just about then when MOm wanted me to get a few magazines. So I hippity hopped (she just watched the rabbits out back) to the bookstore and picked up a couple of them. I also got myself a smoothie.

Mom was still up when I got back so started reading them and then decided to go to bed. I finished watching TV and Georgina relaxed for a bit and then took a shower while I chatted with MOm.

I think I am going to bed….


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