I should know Better 7/25/2014

I really should know better by now that if I had coffee at night I won’t be sleeping well the same night.  Last night was no exception..  I didn’t go to sleep until after 3 and I was up three hours later for the day..


Despite the three hour sleep my day at work went pretty well.  I managed to get a lot done including the sorting of the NEMG eobs that S wanted done.  I am expecting more come Monday sometime.  I did find out that my former supervisor GC is back in the hospital and I want to get a card to her ASAP.  I managed to get out for a walk during the day and that was to pick up the equipment for the Protein test.


After work I headed to the bank to get some money out for the week and to pay for the chef we have had.  When I got home the ladies of the manor were outside chatting on the porch.  So I joined them and Mom had a great talk.  Sylvia called me and asked me to pick up some veggies from her..  So I did and we continued to stay outside.  Then it was dinner time.


We started off with Soup chicken vegetables and then we had lasagna and for dessert blueberry pie and ice cream..  It was delicious.  It was made by Chef Maureen and soon we will be saying goodbye to her as her time is nearly done by next week.


I am probably going to crash as I am starting to get tired…


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