Haven’t been keeping up 7/27/2014

Hello everyone!  I know its been quite a while.  I have been having little to time to update but I try and keep up with my fellow Pen Pal Bloggers such as Sincerely Kate and others.  I do enjoy reading them.  I Have also not been keeping up on writing to Mary in Australia.  I actually started a letter to her a couple of weeks ago but because I have been busy and looking after Mom with my sister it’s been rather hard.  The last time I heard from her she also was busy as well.  I do miss her.


I am still moderating the pen pal groups.  Some people have left and some have returned after a long absence.  WE still get daily updates from Angel.  I did miss a few messages I should have been aware of but I don’t know if that’s yahoo or me.


I still have a lot of FB’s left if anyone is interested in having them please contact me here or PM.  WE can arrange something.


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