Another Weekend Gone 7/28/2014

Another weekend is history and another week has begun. Sunday was a pretty good day. Did odds and ends and did some weeding in the flower bed before our family dinner. Of course did the pee test that I finished bright and early this morning.

The dinner was great. We had lamb and potatoes and roasted vegetables with a very nice gravy and tomato bisque soup. For dessert we had vanilla pudding with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Liz and Nelson had a wake to attend so they left shortly after they finished eating. I helped clear up and watched TV and got on the computer.

My week isn’t turning out that great yet. I left the requisition form for the urine test at home. At first I thought I would have to go home but someone suggested I have the Doctor fax it to the lab so that’s what I did . I took an early lunch and brought it over. The fax hadn’t arrived yet. As long as its out of here I don’t care.

The rest of the day was just working on the mail. It was fairly light and allowed me to work on some of the re-address mail . I am not sure if I will be able to do that tomorrow but we will see.

I was home before quarter of five. The ladies were out back and needed help with the laptop. It took us both a while to get it going but it seems like that no matter what comes into the house something inevitably goes wrong or it doesn’t work.

We had lasagna for dinner and the leftover pudding with fruit on it for dessert.

I can feel my eyes closing and so I am going to follow suit and say good night.


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