The Day I want to Sleep in Late July 29, 2014

Since I had a hard time sleeping because of my hands and the knee/leg hurting last night everytime I turned (or every other time) I wanted to sleep in.  Well that made me late…I took so much time surfing the net that I had to rush a little.  My ankle felt like someone was putting a vise on it to break it.  I finally took some Tylenol before leaving work and it hasn’t seemed to bother me since then.


I had some anxious moments today. I had received some returned mail that I sent out to two different places and it came back to me.  So I talked with my boss and she sent it up to people who will deal with.  


After Work I went to the store and got home by 5:15.  It was stuff for our dinner tomorrow night.  Tonight’s dinner was being served as I got home.  It was quiche and souffle and wedding cake soup?


I am starting to get tired now so i have to hit the sack.


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