Fairly Quiet Day and Night 7/30/2014

Its been a beautiful summer day.  It wasn’t too hot at least to me it wasn’t.  It is going to be a beautiful night as well.  It will be in the 60’s and cool and no rain in the horizon.  I don’t think there is any rain until the weekend and I have been hearing its not so great.


Work was pretty quiet and I was able to get a lot done.  The only downside was my ankle and you can read it here.  I am hoping tomorrow will be the same way (minus the ankle).  My hope is to get more done on the re-address mail.  Tomorrow is payday and I am looking forward to all that entails.


Liz was here defrosting the freezer downstairs so I helped her as much as I could until Maureen came so I helped set the table.  There is a list of foods in the Freezer I need to print up and use as a check off and use it as a basis for the next grocery or at least the future grocery lists.


After dinner I discovered there is something wrong with the laptop…naturally.  I am so tired of this piece of shit not working.  Its been one thing or another  with this thing.  For some reason the pictures are pixelating and Mom can only receive emails and not send.  I am not sure if Liz didn’t complete the whole process or not (or if the other volunteers didn’t finish the job). So I printed out windows mail set up and I am going to try and work on it tomorrow if Liz hasn’t come over.


The rest of the night I spent watching TV and surfing the net.  I really should have been working on the minutes from last Thursday’s meeting but that didn’t happen.  I did send out an email Chairman Phil to call for Volunteers for a tent retrieval and set up for Oyster fest next month.  So far only one person read the message.


Tomorrow is our final night having Maureen cook for us.  It is going to be linguini and shrimp and pound cake for dessert.  Maureen promised to come back another time and make a dinner for us.  It would be nice.  This means though Georgina and I will have to plan meals with Mom as much as possible.  OF course there will be help from friends I am sure.


I was thrilled that Mardi and her family received the sympathy card I sent out.  I think I sent it out yesterday and I wasn’t sure when it would get there.


Mom is asleep and I think I better go myself…


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