For the last couple of nights I have had a slight battle with sleep again. I am not exactly sure what kept me up the first night but I got online to figure out how to fix Mom’s problem with her email.. I printed the instructions out but I don’t think it will work. I am going to suggest that she go to her web based mail. Last night I had some trouble with the aches and pains but managed to get sleep around 4. I stayed in bed a long time again. I did all that I could do and managed to say good morning to Mom.

Mom was so tired yesterday she had visitors and the Nurse came for the final home visit. He recommended that she not wear the slippers as they are contributing to her swollen feet and so now she can wear those socks with grippers. Maureen came for the final time with a promise to come back and visit.

After dinner I did some laundry and Mom eventually went to bed. Since there wasn’t any thing on TV I wanted to see I got online and surfed until about 9. I probably should have stayed up to finish laundry but I was falling asleep too then of course my hands started hurting.

Jim called yesterday he is planning to come up by the beginning of next week. I will make sure that Mom’s room is ready for him to be in. That will include a couple of pillows and put up the ironing board. I am hoping that at least Emily or James comes up with him. Although don’t know where they will sleep.

Work is going well. Made headway on the readdress mail and the daily mail even though it seemed light in volume. A number of people are celebrating birthdays this weekend. I have already sort of serenaded them (okay gave a hug).

This weekend is semi quiet. I am getting my hair done tomorrow and then in the afternoon is Mexican Train game. It probably will run semi late. Sunday is bingo and getting ready for next week.


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