Had a great time

As always I had a great time at the Mexican Train game with the everyone.  we even got to see a couple we haven’t seen in some time.  Anyway the conversations ranged from health to politics and even moving and relocating.  We had a lot of food.  I tried (probably unsuccessfully) to watch what I ate that could have an adverse affect on me but as usual when I get around food I tend to forget about it.


We played until 10 when I hippity hopped home.   The next time we will get together is on September 20th.  That’s because  of holidays and prior commitments.


When I got home Georgina had just gone upstairs but not to sleep yet.  We chatted about the evening and things in general.  She told me LIz came over shortly after I left.  I later discovered that Liz brought over several things for Mom and Georgina.  I seem to be missing her a lot lately.


My sleep was interrupted again so I have been since 4 or 5.  I have spent a lot of time online and surfing the net.  I have already had coffee and now I Have to get ready for Bingo.  


I did manage to put another small load of laundry in the wash and hope it will be done soon.


I have so many thoughts in my head that I am starting to ramble…..Its going to be a long day.


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