Haven’t been feeling well

I haven’t been feeling that great over the last few days.  I was achy or stiff and Thursday  I felt cold I had my blanket on at the office.  Happily by 10 I felt a little warmer but the stiffness was still there.   I was waking up what seemed like every two hours for the last coup of nights to go to the bathroom.  I feel like I am getting headaches.  They are not full on headaches but just the edge.  I had to wear my flannel pajamas to bed for the last few nights as well.  On Friday Liz looked at my leg and the blister and she had the idea it was Shingles.  On Saturday it was confirmed by the doctor I saw.  So after I did some shopping and checked in with Liz I headed home and quarantined myself to the bedroom.  I haven’t eaten much but have had fluids and taking this huge horse pill for this.  I cancelled the rest of my weekend activities and in about 4 hours will be calling in sick.


The Girls night out was very fun despite my being cold.  we went to a sweet shop called Grandma Josie’s.  She was a former teacher in Milford and retired last year and opened a candy shop.   she had a fashion show from Cabi Fashion and she had models she worked with or from her church.  One of the models was my second grade teacher!  It was so cool to see her. I befriended her on Facebook and I was supposed to tell people (classmates mostly) that I met up with her but because I haven’t been all that enthused about getting out of bed I haven’t.


Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of my brother Bob’s passing.  Mom mentioned it in retrospect.  I know that Diane posted a pic and Ethel posted something about the anniversary as well.  I just acknowledged quietly and thought about him.


So now that you have been duly updated I am going to bed…


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