Day four of quarantine-sort of

It is nearly midnight and I am heading to bed.  I would like to say I was in full quarantine mode for the fourth day in a row but I wasn’t.  I did some visiting with family members and friends who came to visit today but standing far away enough to give them safety.  Eventually I went back upstairs to watch TV.

When I wasn’t watching TV I did do laundry.  I stripped the bed but haven’t made it.  I managed to organize a few dresser drawers and throw out some stuff.  I made some progress on the desk and top of the dresser but to look at them now you would never know it.  I also did some word search puzzles from a book I had when I was in the hospital a couple of years back.  I managed to do three or 4 of them tonight.

I made a to-do list for the rest of the room and hopefully it will be tackled.  I still have papers to sort through and put in the various notebooks I have up there.  I am considering typing up notes for the Woman’s club minutes that I have been writing for the past year before I hand it over to Dr. T when this finishes.

I also want to set up a new pen pal file as I have another potential pen pal who wrote me this week.  That can be found in my pen pal blog later.

We are supposed to get some rain in the overnight and early to mid morning tomorrow.  It had been cloudy for most of today and a touch humid so I hope tomorrow is happening.  The grass is beginning to need it in some spots.


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