Definitely Feeling better

I was splitting my time between relaxing, spending a lot of time with Mom and clearing out the room.  I am heading to bed shortly but I was working on a set of desk drawers that had old pen pal papers that I am struggling to decide if I should just toss them or what.  I explained it at my Pen pal Blog earlier today.

Liz stopped by just around lunch time followed by Cousin Donna.  It was pretty good.  After they left I went back to splitting my time relaxing and working on the room.  

Late in the afternoon a new air mattress was delivered to the house.  We had to make sure Mom wasn’t in the bed when he arrived so we moved Mom to a chair in the living room and while Georgina cooked I stayed by her side and made sure she didn’t amble out of the chair.

After dinner did some more paper tossing and some of it is stuff from work, health,  and other things from 2005 and earlier.  I don’t think I really need it but I may try to keep most of it.

Tomorrow will be more of the same thing and so will the rest of the weekend.  I have to cancel bingo again for one more week.  Sigh.


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