Dear Mom

Dear Mom::

It has been over 18 hours since we said goodbye to you.  We made requisite calls to family and friends (I have a few more to make yet).  Our friend Seny posted a wonderful memorial to you on the Blog.  I am trying to find the meticulous preparations for your funeral you had made months ago so I can find the pall bearers list.  I haven’t found them yet  and that’s frustrating.  I nearly woke Jim up with my anguish.  He says he may have them at home.  Not really  helpful for the obituary to be submitted for this afternoon.  That’s just an observation.

I am trying to keep busy this morning.  Doing some laundry, surfing the net.  In my usual fashion I posted messages to my lists and forums that you had passed away.  I have been getting wonderful messages from them and those of our friends and family.

Oh and just to let you after several days of not seeing any rabbits they all came by last night to say good bye.

I have to go now not sure what else to do.  Its early morning yet.  Jim did want to leave about now for home but he is still sleeping.  He didn’t have  a great night last night.

Love always,




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