Dear Mom,

Well another day has come and gone.  This morning Liz and I ran around and did some errands and last minute details for your services on Wednesday and Thursday.  We brought you the suit you will be wearing and tomorrow I will be bringing your glasses along with some of your citations and awards you have gotten over the years.  We went and ordered the flowers that will be surrounding your casket and I think you will like the one I have for you that will be probably be laid by your head.  WE went to the caterer’s to discuss the bereavement meal and had lunch by the time that was all done I got back to the house by quarter of three.

That’s when I listened to messages from our friends, family and peers including one of your dearest friends Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro.  She is currently out of the country but just for her to take time out to do that was awesome.

I reviewed my lists and made a few more calls that ended up not being needed after all.  I also kept a running list and notes for the funeral preparations and post funeral activities.  I am not sure if that was a waste of time or not because other than taking care of a few things around the house there isn’t much that I have to do now.

We received our first two floral arrangements today as well.  Ones I know you would be pleased to know.  Carla H and her husband sent a beautiful bouquet and of course your darling boy Dave sent yellow tulips.  As I mentioned to the florist today you really do love all kinds of flowers.

I think you will love the obituary and the memorial page on the funeral home website.  They have done an awesome job and I am glad you went to them when you first began your preparations for this event.  You will also like the one Diane did as well.

Well I am going to get some sleep and prepare for anything else that needs to be done.  My hope is to hear from the medical equipment people so they can take it out of the dining room.  Hey you know I had to gripe about something!!!

Sleep well Mom give my love to Dad and Bob and all of our family..



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