Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

    Well this is the day.  The final goodbye begin.  I have been up a couple of hours but I  haven’t done anything productive except have coffee.  I had a restless sleep again.  My knee was hurting and the bruised rib from before you left has been a constant reminder of my less than graceful fall outside.  I haven’t been feeling well other ways too.  I hope it isn’t going to be happening all day.  I can’t keep running to the bathroom especially during the wake.

    As I said I have been procrastinating on many things.  I have yet to iron the dresses I will be wearing the next two days, and I look around and see that I need to vacuum the rooms before anyone gets here.  In a few months I will get the rug cleaning done because there are spots again in the living room.

    Jim called a couple of times this morning the first to say good morning and to ask  why we need to be at the funeral home by 3.  I explained to him for private time but the way things are between Liz and him I don’t think that’s going to happen.  As Liz said we don’t have to be there at 3 we could show up at 4 with the mourners.  Yes I know we are mourning too.  He called back just around 10:30 to say he is on the road and he would be here between 2 and three.  

I am going to update my list because I am feeling as though I am not getting much done.  The washer is still going with the sheets in it and the dresses have been moved from one place to another and I will get those ironed soon.  

I was on the lap-top for a bit.  It was giving me grief but it seems to be working right now.  

Well I need to get going…have stuff to do to get ready for this evening…

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