Dear Mom

Dear Mom.

Well its now several hours after the last note.  I went over to Liz’s around two and went through the papers that were returned to us, the prayer cards that we can give out to people.  We went through the condolence cards and Liz made a call to the RRB.  I have huge list as well.  I have to see what the etiquette requirements are for regular condolence cards vs. Mass cards.   Well I just looked it up and Liz is right its if they give gifts or money.

While I was over there I had some soup.  It was probably considered lunch.  We also got a call from Aunt Rosemary and while we were looking through the cards we talked.  You name it we talked.  You are right.  She laughs at everything.  Anyway she did pass along some sad news.  Cousin Greg lost his wife Terri.  She passed just about the same time you did.  So I am sure she is up there with you please tell her we are thinking of her.  I am going to send a sympathy card or as Liz suggested a Mass card.  I don’t know how to do it so I am going to look on line to see where I can do it.

Oh when I got home I ran into Don and Lilly playing with the newly delivered wood pile and he tells me that there was a letter to the editor in the Milford Orange Bulletin and I  found it in the Milford Mirror and it was a beautiful tribute to you.  I sent the link to both Liz and Jim.

Yes Jim made it home safely.  He called just a little after 4 this afternoon.  He says the cat was happy to see him as well.  I am not sure when he will be back up but I look forward to it when he does.

I am slowly putting the citations and awards back in the various places they were taken from.  There is one that I am having some difficulty with (because of the nail) but I will keep on trying before I ask Liz to fix it for me.

The Liberty Medical company to reschedule the pick up for the hospital bed.  They didn’t want to come at 11 pm at night (quite frankly neither do I) so they will be here some time Tuesday afternoon between 1-3.  I have asked Liz to come by and wait for them and she said she would after she finished her speaking engagement for a meeting.

Well its getting late and I need to close up the house for the night and get ready for bed.

I love you.



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