Dear MOm

Dear Mom,

Today-actually this afternoon will be exactly one week since you had your final slumber.  I wasn’t sure if I would do the “one week” post and how I would do it.  I am not sure how it feels.  The sun is shining I can hear a car pulling out and driving away.  The birds are still chirping although they seemed unusually quiet earlier this morning.  I have been awake for quite sometime now.

I guess today I am going to do what I would do any other Saturday.  Do some laundry, watch TV, and stay in my pajamas at least until I have to go out if at all.  I don’t think I really need to get anything at the store today.  Maybe milk but I can get that in a day or two.  

I was relieved to discover that John and Heather got their wedding present.  I had mailed their gift just as they were taking off for their Road trip to Florida in July and it looks like it caught up with them .

Oh and I have put a search in for Pen pals.  I have already been writing one girl but as your health declined over the last few weeks I had told her I wouldn’t be responding quickly.  I put an introduction on the two lists I moderate.  Please don’t worry I will be careful.

I think I am going to write the emails that I need to and get a load of laundry in.  I am going to have to strip the bed that Jim slept in and get some clean sheets.  Then I am starting on the thank you notes.

Love Kate


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