Dear Mom

Dear Mom

    Well I managed to doze in front of the TV this morning.  I decided to sleep in your room again.  I had the TV a few times and as it got closer to dawn I put the news on.  I know I am going to have trouble today so I think I may have to do my famous low key play.

    The weather that we had yesterday evening was minute compare to our northern neighbors.  Apparently a tornado hit the town of Revere MA.  It was an EF2 (not sure what that means) and watching Videos on the computer is annoying so I am not going to at this point.  Today is supposed to be humid and it’s the 37th annual New Haven Road Race.  It starts at 8:40 this morning.

    I ended up washing the dishes in the dishwasher by hand as the dishwasher isn’t working at all.  I don’t want to call the repair guy because well I am afraid they will charge extra.  So I will call them tomorrow.

    I called KK yet but its just around 10 and we talked for a little bit about the services and she explained again that timing wasn’t good.  She promised to send the article to me.  Apparently it is the same one in the Milford Mirror and the Bulletin.

Well I think I am going to get something to eat and then probably take a nap.  I will see you later.

Love Kate.


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