Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Well the Labor Day weekend is drawing to a close for me.  I probably will be going to bed before 9 as I am tired.   Liz and Nel came over around noon time to bring the tables and tubs that was in your “room” home.  We took the opportunity to put some of your clothes in a bag to take to one of the local Churches for their Clothes closet (yes we folded them) they are in the car along with all the diapers, and pads you didn’t use.  Those will go to the Senior center as well.

After the left I did some straightening and moved the commode and shower chair upstairs.  I then spent the rest of the day zoning out.  I did have to do dishes as the dishwasher is still wonky.  I had to soak a couple of things.

Lawyer Bob called me this afternoon.  We talked about the next steps that need to be done and why.  He has invited both J & L to contact him with questions.  He did say that there will be some things that will be NTK and its up to me to decide if I want them to be informed.  It sounds like everything will be resolved and everything will be taken care of.

It got really hot late this afternoon.  It was 86 around 4 but now it’s a lot better.  I had to put the fans on for the evening but I will turn them off before I go to bed.

Well I have a few more things to do but I just wanted to say hi…Like I said lazy day.

Love Kate


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