Dear Mom

Dear MOm,

    It is Friday morning and it looks to be a lovely day.  I managed to get out a little earlier than yesterday and made it here in good time despite being behind someone who thought I must have been a mind reader…switched lanes without the signal light.

    It looks like today will be catch-up day for me.  I was able to finish yesterday’s mail but still waiting for todays to arrive.  I have postage tallies to finish from mid August.  No one has complained yet so I don’t expect any problems.

    There are several of my co-workers names you may not remember and some you may who are preparing for their retirement.  There is a party or two for BettyR next week.  I was planning on going to the dinner in East Haven/branford but I just can’t do it. My friend Gloria is retiring in October and there are couple of others that are retiring this fall.  I just don’t remember when.  I will miss the people who are leaving as they have been a huge part of my life over the 20 plus years I have been here.

I am still trying to get a hold of anyone at St Patricks Cathedral for the mass cards.  Liz wants to go in half with me for two of them.  One for Uncle Ron and one for Greg’s wife Terri.  I hope they call me back or I am going to go to the next Church (Sacred Heart).

Well its time I get going…it looks like i got a lot of mail.  Well most of it looks like re-address/junk mail and the important mail isn’t a lot.  




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