Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

    Good Morning it is after 7 in the morning and I haven’t been up long.  The TV is on in the other room to PBS.  The remote on the TV has been a little wonky and I was tyring to make sure it still works.  I am not sure if my constant rolling on or sitting on it caused it to do it or the battery is running low but it seems to be working today.

    The rest of yesterday went pretty well.  I got the daily stuff done but I still have a lot of the postage tallies to finish for the mnth of August and then the ones for the last week.  As usual I got socked with a lot of US mail from the clinics and  junk mail for the docs (their medical society material).  I don’t know exactly what is in these envelopes (probably subscription renewals) for the year.  I expect that by the time I get back next week those magazines will be there as well.

    I looked forward to getting home.  I was all set to go shopping but by the time I got home I was not so eager to go shopping.  Instead I relaxed and looked through the mail.  My friend Diane K sent me the Letter to the Editor in the Register from Justin.  I totally wasn’t expecting it.  I also got the last statement from Family Care Plus.  I called Liz on that one.  I also received two pen pla letters I posted an entry in the pen pal Blog.  

When I called Liz my intention was to let her know the bill from Family care was there but catch up with her in the last couple of days.  I wanted to make sure that with the cleansing I could still have steak .  The official cleansing for the colonoscopy starts tomorrow.

So that’s what I did I had cooked a steak and corn for myself.  Before I started cooking I looked in the cookbook to see how to cook it and although there was a lot of information it didn’t seem to have what I needed.  I even looked online to see how long to cook it.  So I winged it.  I put it in the small oven.  First I defrosted it a bit and then put some of the Mrs Dash on it and cooked it at 400 degrees (either that or 300) there was nothing in the middle.   Broiled it for 10 minutes at first  turning it over and when it was done it wasn’t ready so I did it for another five minutes.  It came out pretty good.

The rest of the night I did some laundry and cleaned up the kitchen.  

I  took the lap top upstairs to watch TV for a while.  It was fun trying to get used to having it.  I am not sure I can chat on it and there are some sites I am having trouble accessing but that’s probably me not knowing what I am doing.

This morning I am going shopping.  I just printed out the Southwest Pasta salad recipe and have to finish the grocery list so that I can get this stuff.

The rest of the day I am not doing much.  The weather is supposed to get a little wicked later today.  I don’t think I have to go anywhere later.  I may need to go to the bank  but that about it.

Well I got the list ready  its time for me to go…

Love you much…


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