Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

It’s a cool Sunday morning the sun is  shining and I am sitting here wondering a couple of things.  One did I sound like I was babbling last night  and 2) did I make a mistake canceling bingo for today?

I really didn’t do very much after last night’s entry.  I closed down the house and went to bed and watched TV.  After awhile I could feel a headache coming on and I sort of have it now.  I am not sure what time I finally went to sleep.

The reason I am beginning to  feel I jumped the gun with canceling bingo is-I haven’t  pooped.  I am trying to do the prep for the  colonoscopy  on Tuesday.  I have been taking the Miralax every night as it says to.  I am taking fibrous stuff (the salad) and drinking water, and I about  to take the  Laxatives  that are needed soon…  I don’t think it would have mattered if I went to bingo today.

I received two lovely emails during the night.  One from  Brian a classmate of mine who I follow on Facebook, and one from our friend Carla.   Brian was so sweet.  He was checking in on me seeing how I was doing.  I am going to reply to him later this morning.  Carla was also wondering how I was doing since your death and she even sent her new address.  Of course I will respond to them.

I am beginning to feel uneasy as I haven’t started the thank you notes from the funeral.  Jim in so many words gave me permission to slow down.  I haven’t even started them.    

This afternoon I am dropping some stuff off to the Senior Center as donations.  It shouldn’t take too long but then I am going to keep it low key again for the day.


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