Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Sorry for the two day disappearing act but I ended up getting sick and feeling crappy on Sunday so I spent most of that day and Monday in bed when I wasn’t going to the bathroom or  sleeping or watching TV.

I am not sure why I got sick.  The Supret crap tastes just like that crap.  It made my sick to my stomach a few times and then it kicked it the other part.  I did manage to eat the jello I made.

In the few times I was starting to feel better I managed to get some emails written and mailed out the pen pal letter to Amorette.  I will get the others done when I get home this afternoon from my colonoscopy.

I did get to meet our new neighbor.  Well I should say new owner of the house.  He and his father bought to renovate it and re-sell it.  He came over to introduce himself and to let me know that he will be taking the trees that are hanging over the back room down this week.  I obviously gave my blessing.  I can’t remember his first name but I know where he currently lives and  where he went to school.

Among some of the emails between the family members was the discussion of the headstone for you.  It went fairly well, but we  still have to be careful of the finances.

A friend of yours sent you a post card and clearly hasn’t been in touch with anyone or read the paper because they sent a post card from  Cheshire thinking of you and hoping you are well.  I am going to have to let them know gently of your passing.

Well I have to get going.  Liz is picking me up after 8 to get to the hospital for the Colonoscopy.  I have to be there at 9:15 and the procedure will be done at 10 (I hope).

Love you  Kate


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