Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

    Well the colonoscopy was a huge success.  Thanks to Liz I got there on time and managed to get prepped to go in and a few minutes later I was in the room was told to say goodnight Gracie and the next thing I knew I was back in the recovery room.  The doctor gave me a clean bill of good health.  I have to get another in ten years…Thank God because I can’t stand that Supret prep stuff.

After that the sense of time all but left me.  When we left the hospital we headed to IHop in Orange but we took route one the entire time.  We noticed stuff that wasn’t there when Liz lived in there area with the kids when she was married to the boys father.

While we ate our brunches (I had crepes with strawberries and cream and hash browns and hot apple cider) Liz had some from the 50+ menu. The pancakes and bacon I think.  We had a nice conversation about the seasons, trips, and house stuff.

It was nearly quarter of 2 when we got back to the house and our neighbors as I mentioned yesterday were taking down the trees.  You should see it now.    Liz thought you would hate it and I said nah…you have been wanting those very low hanging trees (over out back room) to come down for years.  Don’t worry the rose of Sharon Trees are still up.  The guys were so good.  Well for the most part I think something hit the side window but it didn’t crack or anything.  We will be seeing more of their yard now.  OF course it will be a lot better looking then before.

We got some more sympathy cards today this time it was from you classmate Jean in MA and from Judy and George in Ohio.  I will be adding them to the list of cards and gifts just for my own knowledge really.

The rest of the afternoon I have been watching TV, writing to Debi in Florida, and paying a bill or two.  I did eat a couple of things but it isn’t settling well in my stomach now.  I do not have the energy to cook the pasta salad but maybe another night.
It has been in the low 70’s today and it felt a lot colder.  The sun was out for a little bit and the afternoon it got cloudy but no rain.  It is supposed to drop into the mid 60’s I was tempted to close the windows and put the heat on but I am not sure I want to do that yet.

I think I am going to take a shower and get into my pajamas and get stuff ready for work tomorrow.  I have things to bring to work tomorrow and I don’t want to for get them.

I love you!



2 thoughts on “Dear Mom

  1. Congratulations on the results of your colonoscopy and continued good health.

    I watched mine on TV- You know that I had to say “Jeez, I’m as pretty on the inside as I am on the outside”. The doctor had to remind me he was working with probing tools and his laughter would be dangerous!

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