Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

    It is just after 6:30 and I have been awake since 5:15 thanks to the little clock on the dresser but I have been up since 6.  I have already showered and had my coffee all I need to do is finish dressing.  

    It is another cool morning and is supposed to get into the mid 70’s until tonight.  I can’t believe I am saying I need to bring a jacket but sadly its that time of year.  I know we both love this time of year though so its time I guess.  

For weeks now there have been some leaves already turning.  Fall related ads have been showing up on TV (come visit Lake George), the radio, newspaper, fall related foods have been showing up in restaurants case in point the hot apple cider yesterday.  Several harvest festivals and fairs are starting up this week. (around the state) of course the biggest one in the New England is the Big E.   I am not sure if I am going this year as my “partner in crime” hasn’t asked and he hasn’t called since promising to take me out for dinner for a birthday.

Tonight is the first General Meeting of the Woman’s Club and I am really looking forward to going.  Its been a few weeks since I saw the girls and of course Telka, and Roberta.  I am interested in seeing if the girls that attended our ice cream socials this summer followed through and joined up.  As usual we are looking for women to join the woman’s club as well.  It hasn’t been successful of late but that may be the case for all community service based clubs.

Well I better get going.  I am sure I will be busy today.  I have one more mid-day appointment this week but that should be it for a while.

Love you


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