Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Thirteen years ago today at 8:46 the world changed. Al-Qaeda terrorists Commandeered four planes and its passengers and attacked the US but driving those planes into the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon, and into a Pennsylvania Field to avoid hitting the White House. I remember I was at work when we heard the news. We went to every radio or Computer to watch the news. I remember I called both you and Jim to make sure you were okay. I remembered you were in Hartford that day for meetings and Jim worked in Philadelphia. When I heard from both of you I was less worried but everyone around here was on edge.. We were given permission to go home if necessary. In the days following we were given updates by the Administration.

Today and over the last several days and maybe weeks the newest threat is ISIS.. I guess they have been on the radar of people but it exploded when they beheaded the American Journalist earlier this month. The President spoke on the matter last night and of course some criticized it. I just hope this doesn’t mean we will be going through more attacks.. OF course according to the timeline they have been making themselves very known.

I mentioned last letter that we had the woman’s club meeting. As usual we have lots of things coming up. Today I had t call Natalie at Mediplex to schedule the Veteran’s Day service for November. We are planning (and hoping we can do it the 8th or 9th of November as many of the girls have school on Veterans’ Day this year. We probably will have to do it in the afternoon. Some time. We are going to be selling the bracelets we sell at the stores., we are also planning for the PITS in November. The girls have some great ideas for membership drives and stuff like that.

The Milford Democratic Headquarters opened up this week. John M sent out an email alert announcing the headquarters is opened and needing volunteers at least for Wednesday and Thursday. I couldn’t go last night but I may stop there tonight after work.

WE have had mostly a cloudy day and we are supposed to be getting rain showers later on. It isn’t supposed to last long so if I do go to the headquarters it won’t be for long time. I don’t always like driving in the rain especially if I am tired.

Well I am going to get going I have some things to get done so I will see you later…

Love ya



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