Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

It is lunch time and I must be feeling better.  I am starting to get hungry.  I have already pulled out some soup for dinner tonight.  I really don’t want too much for dinner but I do plan on having a  cheese sandwich.  For now I am not sure what I am going to do for Lunch.

I am still doing the laundry.  I have one load done and the other is in the dryer and the final one for now is in washer.  I am going to do the  sheets later.  I am going to put the really warm sheets on these beds its been really chilly in the house.  I just turned the heat on.

We just received another letter from Bridges.  IT includes all the recent donations in your name. Its a nice list.  THose will go on to the list I am putting together.  It will give me something to do.

I heard from Liz today.  She finally gave me her grandkids new address.  She also reminded me  to get the mass cards done so it can be done soon.  THat’s something else I can do as well.  I actually called Liz a while ago and we talked about grief (she seems to think my being sick is part of the grief process).  She had also sent me an email as well.  She says the morgan kids are getting active in their new home.  AUdrey is in brownies and in some serious need of a membership drive (they have two members).  Jason is in Soccer again and they both have fundraisers going on.  I think I will contribute to that

Last week Seny posted a message on the Milford Democratic Blog to announce a lawn sign sign up and I signed up.  He emailed me today and said he would stop by Monday and drop them off.  I told him I would be home just around 5.  I guess the campaign season is officially on…

My stomach is not feeling so well again I will take it easy for a little bit  I have soup defrosting and I will either have a sandwich or crackers.

WEll I will check in with you later….


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