Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I can’t sleep.  I knew I wouldn’t and I knew that third cup of coffee today would kill me.   Something Liz said to me has me concerned.  We were talking about writing.   It led into my pen pal writing and other writing.  She felt the need to say to me if she feels  she will step in if she feels necessary that I am going to get in harms way.  This would be one of those times that  Lawyer Bob would say she needs to mind her own  business    Although she did admit that it wasn’t her business.  Even  she doesn’t want me to have a lot of pen pals and or end up having problems such as the idiot who sent me flowers.   I explained to the end result of that incident (that someone from one of the groups I was in stepped in for me and told the guy off and told him the consequences would be if he continued to contact me).  I really don’t want this to become an issue.  It isn’t her job to monitor what I do.

If she asks me one more time if the neighbors have stepped into stop me from yelling or whatever I am really going to have to tell her off.  It is like the second or third time she has said something like this to me.  My answer to her today was “no they haven’t and besides that I haven’t been that loud.  She may not think she is being judgmental but she is.  As I suspected the apology that Jim gave to her at the funeral hasn’t been embraced yet.  She says she isn’t closing the door on him but he does have a huge amount of amends to make.  I don’t blame her  and they seem to understand that I want to be loyal to all my siblings.

Well I can’t keep droning on about that.  I have to get to bed.  I have another long day ahead of me.  Tessa sent an email alert for the activities for Democratic Headquarters.  Phone banking on Mondays and Wednesday nights from 6-8 and canvassing and phone banking on Saturdays and Sundays.



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