Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

The meds wore off again sometime after midnight.  if I  yawn or take a really deep breath it hurts and makes a flutter feeling.  I can’t even sneeze right again.  I don’t think I can go to bingo this morning.  I really don’t want to whine or cry out.  I am getting tired of doing that.  Yeah definitely not going to bingo,  Hopefully it won’t be as bad again when I take the meds.

I went back to bed after 4 after doing some surfing on the computer.I had a dream where you and I and liz went to this home.  WE didn’t know these people and they were in another part of the house and we just sat down in their livingroom.  You ended up being in  a bedroom.  Liz was out back on a phone and this akita was lying submissive to me.  The next thing I remember I walked around saying we can’t stay here this isn’t our place.  When I woke up it was 7

Since I Have been awake I put some laundry in and had breakfast and I am still updating some files for the DTC.  I will get some bills paid and probably get some more sleep that is until NCIS marathon starts.

For some reason the laptop lost connection.  I looked at the cisco box (the router) and  checked the lines but it won’t work.  May be its telling me I need to move away from the bed a little more today.  Although I did and it’s still a little problem breathing.  I am still going slow on the laundry.

We did have some sun this morning now its getting overcast again.  I guess we are getting more rain today. That’s okay not going any where.

I am planning on having the leftover ravioli for dinner.


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