Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Even though I feel infinitely better than I did earlier in the weekend it is still hard for me to walk long distances with some amount of heavy breathing. I still have what I call flutters if I have to sneeze or yawn.  I noticed I woke up every few hours last night.  Not sure what that was about.  I know I was sweating a lot yesterday and this morning and the heat wasn’t even up high (64).  It was 70 degrees in the house.

The weather was beautiful.  It got into the low 70’s today and sunny.  It is supposed to get into the 60’s overnight.  I just hope it doesn’t get too warm around here.  That’s probably why I kept waking up every few hours.

Work went well I managed to get a lot done but as always have more to do.  I have decided that I will be taking time off from work in December to go to Diane and Rogier’s wedding in Puerto Rico.  I think there is a rally coming up in support of the dining hall labor issues along with other stuff.  I saw a flyer but it didn’t read all of it.

I talked with Liz briefly.  As I suspected she was tired and trying to get last minute things done for her trip tomorrow.  I told her about the scholarship and Community service award rename and she thought it was wonderful.

Jim texted me tonight saying he downloaded the latest Operating system and he said it was great.  Good.  Still no word on when he is coming up.

WE received another letter from Bridges with the latest list of donations and contributions to Bridges in your name.  It included the literary club girls and someone I didn’t recognize.  The thank you list is starting to get longer.

I am starting to get sleepy and I want to stay up and watch Letterman’s interview with Mark Harmon.  I am probably going to get aggravated because I don’t like letterman himself and talks right over his guests.

Have a great night…


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