Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

The last couple of days seem to have been quite long and busy.  I have a lot of work starting to pile on my desk and trying to organize it was/is becoming a challenge.   I had some doctor appointments and I had a lovely but alas short visit from Jim and Emily.

I have been hit hard with a lot of incoming eobs and mail from the “Payment Processing depart that gets a lot of the lockbox stuff they give to me.  I wish when they get it they give it to me sooner than they have.  At the same time I realize they have a procedure to go through and probably a backlog of stuff as well.  LAS brought it to my attention that a few people have noticed.  I flat out told her it isn’t their business.  SHe shrugged but pointed out people are noticing.  She keeps encouraging me to ask for help.  I don’t want to (and besides I don’t think anyone can be really spared)  WHat’s the hold up you ask.  Well I still have a lot of the “referrals/prior authorizations that I still have to send directly to the doctor.  New ones come in every day so I try and work on them as they come in and get the old ones added.   It takes time really.  I work on them each day.  AS well as the postage tallies and of course the daily stuff and the readdress mail.    AT times it makes me anxious.  I remind myself I am doing the best I can.  I was entertaining the thought of going in this afternoon but it didn’t last long.  I will keep tackling it on MOnday.

I saw Dr. C on Thursday.  She seemed pleased with my status.  She wants me to get some bloodwork done along with some other tests.  I will be seeing her Nurse practitioner in November.  I will have to get the tests done before that some time.  The funny thing is last night my neck started to hurt and we (Dr. C & I were discussing the arthritis in the neck) I am not sure what happened but it seems much better.  I think it was the tylenol personally and may be aggravated by the way I slept on it.  I whacked my hand against the car yesterday and it is a little sore.  I think it is a swollen too.   I suspect that the foods I had (the french onion soup at dinner and a few sodas) may have also contributed to that.

My session with Debra had to be rescheduled from yesterday.  She had a doctor appointment that was later than she thought it would be.  She felt terrible so we rescheduled it for Tuesday.  I suspect that would mean no session next Friday.

Jim and EMily arrived just before 2 on friday.  WHen I got home they were waiting for me.  We made plans for dinner to eat Carrabbas that opened up earlier this week.  I had called earlier for “reservations” but when we got there we still would have to wait.  By then it was after 6.  We opted for Panera bread.  We had salads and soups and sandwiches.  We ate outside and had great conversations.  WHEn we finished we headed home

Jim read the new Horatio book he bought before dinner and Emily and I talked about what it was like during your last days.  I hope i served you well in explaining it.  I hope I explained things well for EMily to understand what it was like and how it felt for your passing.  Around 9 I was tired so I headed to bed.  I was too tired to even get online.  This morning after running to the bank we had brunch at Pops diner.  We had coffee and I had stuffed french toast (two large texas style breads with cream cheese and fruit in the middle).  We talked about traveling, and hiking and stuff like that and found out which of the mountains in the US is the highest.  AFter brunch we came home and Jim and emily had to go home.  Jim admitted he wasn’t feeling well and his sleep wasn’t restful.  I am just waiting on a phone call from them to let me know they got home okay.

Since they have left I haven’t really done much (again).  Some straightening up and checking emails.  I may grab some soup as a late lunch.  I do have some clothes to fold.  I have probably a few more bills to pay this week and then relax.

Liz and Nelson came home from Niagara Falls last night so I would love to see them but I think they may be recovering from their trip.  She needed a pick up/ride and when I told her Jim and Emily were in town she said she would get someone else.  I am not sure what that was about.  I had also forgotten about my appointment with Debra.  I am not sure if they would be happy to know they had left already without even seeing them.  That’s another reason why I haven’t called them yet.

Well like I said its time for a late lunch and to get some stuff done.  I love you lots and I haope I have made you proud today.


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