Dear Mom 9/27/2014 part 2

Dear Mom,

I managed to eat the leftover soup I had and it was still good but I am glad I had it because it was beginning to see its last day.  Unfortunately I can feel my stomach still growling.  I am going to ignore it for now.

Jim sent me a text message about an hour ago.  Thankfully it was safely because he was feeling lousy.  The incisions were hurting him big time.  He said he was calling the doctor to give it check. I hope he will be okay.  He complimented me on the info on Mountain peaks that I sent them.  It never got to emily I don’t have her address apparently.

Now I have Simply Ming’s show on (as PBS channel 13 has a three hour special on American Graduations (and educational documentary)) on.  I am probably going to stay with cptv station.  Besides “This Old House is on at 6 on this station. 🙂

In the time that I last wrote I managed to put a load of laundry into the wash and folded some more clothes and picked up here and there. I updated files and that’s about it. In my heart and in my mind feel its still not enough but it will get done.

I just spent the last few minutes registering with the electric company to start paying those bills online.  As always I doubt if I did it right or what ever.  I had put your name on it but I put the email address to my own.  I will eventually change the bill to my name but I am afraid it will be a hassle.  i may have to call the UI on Monday.

I just remembered that I told Don next door I have to get those light timers now that the days are getting shorter.  I just checked and sunset is at 6:41 pm.  Whaaaaaat?

Well TOH is on and it looks like its going to be on until 8.  Wheee…


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