Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I tried to sleep early last night but I had  a few things on my mind.  I was trying to access  one of your accounts and messed up on the login so I had to  get a new password for that one.  I was trying to organize that particular bill  in my own files but  I kept  hitting road blocks.   Now I have to think about the things that need to be updated and for some reason it is making me addle brained.  I eventually got what I wanted done but it frustrated me to no end.

I talked with Nel yesterday.  He said  Liz was  shopping and then going to  church and that she wasn’t feeling well  despite having a great time they were exhausted not just from this trip but the  impromptu trip to NC.  I will call her after my PT session on Monday.

I tried going back to sleep just before one.  It actually worked.  I wasn’t uncomfortable and was able to sleep on my sides with little or no problems.  I slept until 4 and then got online to update some stuff.  I finally got up a couple of hours later and  started my day.

I was surprised that I managed to get some stuff done.  I did some dusting  and put a load of laundry in the wash.  I got ready for bingo and got the  magazines in the magazine rack into bags.

Bingo went well we had a full house and Bob was there (one of the Rec staff).  The kids from Fairfield prep were there for community service (including this new kid Brendan.  He had to be 6 ft. tall).  I do have to say the need to get more prizes as the  current ones look like they have been picked over.  I realize this isn’t my worry but when they aren’ t the residents get all upset with me!  Everything else at the facility is pretty much the same.  Some new rules about the residents and coffee (actually its  renewed policies. )

After bingo I headed back home  but stopped at the card shop to pick up a couple of birthday cards.  One for Debbie who celebrated her 57 th birthday yesterday and of course beautiful Audrey.  I put a call into Liz to see what would be an appropriate gift for her.  We decided on cash but not a lot.

Liz has told me she is resigning her commission as Eucharistic minister.  Between that and the lectors schedule, her other community service activities, and her health she is just plain worn out.  A part of this make me sad because she really put a lot of effort into this and it made her happy.  She is always helping Nelson with KOC activities as well and of course doing stuff for the kids (all of them).

I had to be over at Roberta and Mikes at 1 so I just relaxed and had some crackers before taking off.  When I got there they were watching TV and waiting on the rest of the gang to arrive.  Stan and Debbie arrived.  We waited for about a  half hour for Gary and Carol to arrive but they had totally forgot and they were  pre-occupied with grief.  They had to put down their dog Rufus last week.  They are getting a new pup from Canada.  So we decided to order from Oregano Joe’s.  We ordered chicken parm and salads and  sausage and peppers.  The restaurant messed up on the order (we were supposed to get a Pizza for ordering up to $25 in orders.  I had a half of my sandwich and will have it for leftovers on Tuesday.  I think we started actually playing after we got the delivery.  We played until 7.  WE talked about various things including the next game night.  It could be in a couple of weeks and then again in November.

Now that I have been home I am just tired.  I want to sleep.  I have started the dishwasher and emptied the dryer.  I don’t have the attention span  to work on any of my letters or files.  I don’t even want to read  The Little Prince.

Well I think I better just watch TV and see what happens.    I will see  you later.

Love Kate.


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