Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

It is the end of a rainy Wednesday.  I am sitting here watching the NCIS marathon on USA.   This will be a short entry tonight as my neck is bothering me tonight.

My neck bothered me for most of the night and into this morning.  I would imagine it was the arthritis kicking in.  It made itself known throughout the day and it was starting to give me a little headache tonight.  I have taken tylenol and I hope it will kick in soon.  It hasn’t yet but I will fix it for the night soon.  The neck isn’t the only thing bothering me tonight.  Its the hands and knees.  I suspect its the salt intake I have had in the last couple of days.  I did a few moments of the exercises I got from the PT the other night.

Work was pretty good.  I got to work at a decent hour and started working on the EOB’s  quickly.  Of course a couple of more piles came my way too.  I worked on the pre-authorization re-address.  I didn’t get out as many as I did yesterday but  still got a good number out.  Found out I have a new team lead.  Bob B is still my supervisor but Laurene C will be the lead.   I went to the Health thing today.  They took blood and vitals and stuff.  I may even get a chance to look and get some tips.

I got home just before 5 and  got the garbage out and then relaxed for a bit.  I had  waffles for dinner.   It was okay.   Roberta came over around 7 and we put the timers on.  They  worked fine.    This should be fun and energy saving.

I heard from Jim today.  I told him about the PT and urged me to do the exercises and maybe we can get together at his house sometime…

Okay…I am starting to get tired.


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