Dear Mom Oct 4,2014

Dear Mom,

I decided not to get up at the crack of daylight and now its almost 7:30.  Its okay I needed the sleep.  It isn’t raining now but it has been a little windy.  There are many leaves on the ground. I am not sure if it is going to continue raining or not.  But I have things to do either way.

For the first time in weeks I am making the bed.  You know I don’t normally do that but the white comforter was starting to fall off the bed.  It will help when I go to vacuum upstairs.

I heard from LIz this morning.  She was waiting to get some lab work done and she sent me a picture of Audrey on her birthday.  She confirmed she got my card but didn’t get Liz’s yet.  Liz and I talked about how things were going for us both emotionally and physically.  As I mentioned before she is exhausted with all that has gone on over the last few months.  She wanted to know how I was doing with things and I told her how the week went and how I was achy this week.  She is going to a KNights event in Ansonia.  The Bishop is supposed to be there.  I reminded her it is the Feast of ST Francis of Assisi.

The rain now is coming down hard.  The wind is very strong too.  I don’t think I will be going out very much today.  Tea and soup for the day.  When I went to the bank there were huge puddles around.  I have seen those in quite some time.

The afternoon I made some tortellini w/peas (cooking both separately ) and once they were cooked and drained I mixed them and season them with Mrs. Dash and  grated cheese.  The cheese alone will probably give me a hard time but I suffer the consequences frequently.  I have been watching the NCIS marathon.  I finished the laundry for now.  No I didn’t do the floors yet but maybe tomorrow.

I need to put the laptop on the charger…

So I will see you


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