Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I can’t believe how quickly this weekend went by but unfortunately I spent most of Saturday in bed.  Friday night I didn’t do much I had dinner (a hamburger) and of course the rest of the night is now turning into a blur until about Saturday morning early morning.  I had gotten what I call kidney shots (or muscle spasms) and they hurt like hell.  I took some muscle spasm but I ended up tossing it up.  I ended up falling back to sleep until about 9.  I stayed in bed until 10 and then I got up for a little while and got some errands done and then came home and went back to bed for the rest of the day.

Sunday I felt a lot better but I noticed my stomach not fully better so I treaded light for most of the day.  I did have a bowl of cereal before the Mexican train game but it felt heavy.   I did go to bingo and then stopped by Liz and Nelson’s to drop stuff off.  That afternoon I went to the Mexican train game.  I ate lightly and enjoyed the game immensely.  I got back to the house and got ready for bed.  I also sent a few emails and filled out the card for Jason and paid a couple of bills.

We got the latest probate judgement signed by Judge Beverly.  It looks like we (or Liz) has to take inventory of the whole house.  She has a call put into Lawyer Bob to get clear understanding.  When I read my copy I couldn’t really understand it but I have to look it over again.  Liz invited me over for dinner sometime this week.  ON saturday we are going to Luca’s second birthday party.

This week is fairly quiet.  I have a few appointments and meetings and probably one fundraiser I wanted to go to and that’s for Judge Beverly.  My goals this week is to get some stuff that I haven’t done around here done.

But right now I think its time for me to go to bed. I am not sure what to expect volume wise for mail but whatever it is I can deal with it.


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