Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I know its been a while but for some reason most nights I Haven’t been feeling like writing much.   I had a few nights that I couldn’t sleep and then after getting some tylenol I did catch up on some sleep.  I have been having what feels like side-aches in the head (as you know I have arthritis in the neck and its not always easy to sleep) sometimes the back of the head hurts.  NOw its more on the side and now that I write this may be a form of a migraine.

I haven’t been doing much else at night except for Dr. appointments, minimal of chores and working.  Quite surprisingly did very little web surfing at night.  I usually vegetate for the night until I fall asleep.

Work continues to be busy but we as  medical entity were the center of attention as one of our students who just returned from Liberia was hospitalized with possible Ebola virus.  As of tonight it was confirmed he didn’t have it.  But in other places it was a focus of the media and the world.  In the short time it was in our immediate world it was a lot of discussion.

The ride home was uneventful.  The rain had stopped and made the sky very interesting in the cloud cover.  The shapes were fun to look at.  When I got home I found another letter  from Bridges indicating another of your friends made a donation to bridges.  I also had gotten the parking statement for next month.  While I was still downstairs I put the clothes in the dryer and got them dried.  I came upstairs and actually put the news on and made some calls and finally did a thank you note.  Just one.

I called Liz who was making  a hollandaise sauce experiment and we talked a little bit more about the notes.  I also told her I got some sleep.  She said I needed it.  She had no idea.  As it is the head pains are coming back a little so I just took the tylenol and I think I am going to rest now.  I can start to work on the pen pal letters that are getting behind..

Have a great night…see you tomorrow…



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