Dear Mom

Dear MOm,

As you know I had lunch with Lawyer Bob and it was very nice.  We didn’t talk about anything specific but we talked about how things were going.  HOw the relationship with Liz was going and with Jim.  He reminded me that he can’t tell me how to live (which I don’t think he has) just as I can’t tell him how to live his.  We talked about health, why I see why see Debra.  He had no idea I had Lupus.  He bases any information on need to know.  By the end of our lunch I promised to text him or call him to let him know how things are doing.

After the meeting I went over to LIz and we spent an hour talking about memories of dinners that we have had both successful and not so much.  We also talked about the holidays,  and the car accident.  Chris and Jen decided to go ahead with the trip. I left around 3:30 and then I headed home and for the rest of the day didn’t do much.  I had toast for dinner and slept or watched TV.

JIm did send me a text. He made reservations at Hotel Bethlehem for Brunch/dinner for 11:45 on Thanksgiving so he wants me to come down Wednesday.  At first I told him I would do it immediately after work but after talking to LIz I am going to leave early Wednesday morning .  He is going to have dinner Wednesday at a Local Inn.  He says he is working his fingers to the bone getting the house cleaned for me to visit.

I am planning on staying home today.  I had a dizzy spell that didn’t last long but I don’t want to take that many chances.    So I am doing some chores around here and then cook dinner for later this afternoon  I got some advice from Liz.  I took out the pork roast and put it in the refrigerator last night to defrost.  I just looked at it and it seems like its not thawing.  I hope it will be by the time I do it this afternoon.

It is now 12.  I have stopped a couple of times already.  I stopped to grab something to eat and  take a break.  I am almost done with the vacuuming upstairs and then will be heading downstairs.  I am thinking if I don’t stay on my knees for long periods of time the bathroom floor can get done.

It is just 6 pm now John Diliberto Echoes program is on the radio.  Yes I broke down and plugged in the radio because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to get on the laptop.  I have been really getting aggravated with this thing this afternoon.  I have no idea why it is sluggish and or not moving.  I have wanted to through this thing out the window few times.  RIght now it seems to be cooperating or I am just an impatient person?

So how did the rest of my afternoon go?  Well I got most of downstairs vacuumed and managed to cook the pork roast.  The pork roast needs more work.  Around 2 it was still frozen so I opened it up and put it in a bowl kept it in the refrigerator until about 2:30 I started to season it  and then put it in with the meat thermometer for an hour.  It looked like it was drying out on the top but the thermometer didn’t even get up to 160 degrees like it was supposed to.  I cooked a potato and that seemed alright…  actually it may have needed more  time I think.  I made some corn and you really can’t do much to canned corn.  Anyway after I had a couple of safe pieces of pork I put the rest back in for another twenty minutes.  I may have to do it again tomorrow night.

Sunset was just before 6.  The sky is beautiful out the front windows.  The last of the sun light is fading between the trees.    The room itself is almost in darkness the only light is from the laptop that is cooperating at this moment.

Well I have dishes to put in the dishwasher and bring some clothes upstairs so I am going to go do them.  The rest of the night will be fairly quiet.


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