Dear Mom

Dear Mom

Well today is my day to sleep in.  I have been awake since (probably before 5).  I had the radio on and listening to music and when the news program started I woke up.  So I have no idea what this will do to me (actually I have some idea).

I emailed Jim last night to let him know when I would be leaving for his place and he was relieved.  We talked about a few other things including he wants me to meet “his lady friend”.  I don’t know if this means its serious but he hasn’t mentioned any relationship (except with his kids) since the divorce.

It is now quarter of 7 I have been home nearly an hour or so.  I had some scary moments again today.  I had several dizzy spells.  I think I scared both Ann and Mary.  I had to hold on to Mary as I walked to the elevator and then sat on the chair in the lobby.  They walked me to the corner and then Ann walked me to Debra’s office.  I started feeling better by then and by the time I left for home was feeling better.

The rest of the day I was getting work done.  I didn’t get as much of the readdress mail done that I did yesterday but it does look better every day.  I just  didn’t eat as healthy as I should have.  I had a bowl cereal and twinkie.

Surprisingly (shhhhh) the laptop seems to be cooperating tonight.  Some little black screen keeps popping up.

I am getting cold right now so I am going to get under the blankets for now.


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