Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I can’t believe I let so many days go by without writing but its been hectic and I haven’t been feeling that great.

Monday was busy with work.  I went to the Doctor in the afternoon and you can read about it here.    We did talk about the weight loss and he did mention it in the notes on the patient portal.  He pointed out its quite possible I am in a depression.  HE is good with the weight as long as its not for the wrong reasons.  He doesn’t want it done for the wrong reasons.  If there are other issues (which I am beginning to think there is) such as ulcers.. Then he will look into it.  I probably couldn’t link to the notes anyway the whole HIPAA laws.  I have to admit I am still getting stomach aches and have looked up Ulcers and I am not so sure that’s what this could be.  Its fine right now but I have had moments where it does hurt and I haven’t really finished much of anything I eat.

I stopped by Liz’s and we talked about stuff in general.  SHe wanted to make sure I was okay and stuff.  We got around to how many of the thank you notes and she wasn’t happy but she let it go.  She was babysitting in Killingworth today so she didn’t call me to see if I wrote any in the last couple of days.

Tuesday was election day.  The results are here.  I think your Friend State Rep Paul Davis didn’t make it this time.  I got to the polls myself just before 5 and found the polling place had moved from the gym to the cafeteria.  There were several voters who were upset because their location changed for midterm election.  I stayed until quarter of 7.  I came home and got ready for bed and watched TV.  I managed to do some laundry.

Wednesday was a regular busy work day.  I met up with Liz so she could find the  safety deposit box key (we found in the dresser draws up here) and we found another little surprise too.  That surprise is going into my savings account.  After we found it Liz went home and I went and had dinner with Mike and Roberta.  Pizza from Papa Johns.  After a while I went home and to bed.  I also sent an email to Jim for his birthday.

Today was busy as well.  I am making progress with the re-address mail and hopefully will catch up soon.  I am hoping that will relieve some of the stress I am feeling.  I have also discovered that there is a lot of stress going on in the office.  After work  I had my cavity filled.  The numbness just wore off.

I managed to get some bills paid and most recently one that came in.  I think that one will be it for the season.

Tomorrow I don’t much planned except for work.  Saturday is a full day.  Liz and I will be meeting with the stone lady for your headstone ideas.  Then that afternoon I have the Veteran’s day service at the Nursing home.  That is usually very nice.  I may even get some shopping done in between.  Sunday is my volunteering again.  Selling Bracelets at the store for an hour and then I am doing Mexican train game-again.

but right now going to bed.

Right now I think I better get to bed…


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