Dear Mom

Dear Mom,


I know its been a few days but as I am finding lately that by the end of the day all I want to do is sleep.


My Doctor appointment was okay.  He was concerned when we discovered I had lost another 8 lbs within a short time (since my last visit) so he wanted to to the Gastro people and get tests done.  I thought it was going to be on Wednesday but it was only a consult.   He had some blood work done and called me Monday night and said I was dehydrated.  He did say although the kidney is functioning normally its not as it was last month.  I asked what that meant and the lady (not Dr. S) couldn’t answer me.  He did want me to take the Zofran.


After the appointment I headed over to Liz’s for an hour.  We chatted about all kinds of stuff that is basically getting fuzzy right now.  After that visit I went home and chilled.  I did some straightening up here and there.  I wasn’t feeling completely better.


I went to work on Tuesday and then to my session with Debra.  I was exhausted by the end of the day and once I finished my session with Debra.  I can’t remember what we even discussed.  I glad to be going home.


Wednesday I went to work and then to my GI consult.  This wasn’t Kristen this time but we went over everything including the blood work and they are recommending a CT-Scan and an endoscopy.  They got that scheduled. The CT-Scan is this Monday morning at Diagnostic imaging in Milford.  The Endoscopy is set for December early morning in New Haven with the same MD who did my colonoscopy.


I also saw the hemotologist on Wednesday.  He said my Hemoglobin was a good number but when I told him of the events that have been occurring he was doubtful of that number.  He wants me to come back in December and check to follow up on the blood clot I had a few years back.  Here is hoping that whatever is going on isn’t another one.


On Thursday I saw Anita from The Osteoporosis Center.  She also got the events of the past week and a few questions from me that Liz wanted me to ask.  She says I need more protein for dinner and that cereal alone isn’t going to work.  Of course all of the reports and notes will be written in my health blog when I have a moment.  She did tell me that Dr. Ciabataru will be leaving the practice soon as her husband who is a researcher here at Yale was offered a perfect job-back in his Romania.  So I will be having Anita some weeks and Dr. Gordon the other times.  That means though when I see Dr. Gordon it will have to be in Hamden.  That’s as far as she travels.  She is from Old Lyme I am told.  This should be interesting.


Jim and Liz are both fully aware of my health issues and Jim has been sweet.  He has either called or texted me (sometimes 1 in the morning) checking in with me and finding out the results of the appointments.  He seems satisfied with the answers I gave him.


We were supposed to wake up to snow this morning.  Northern and Western parts of the state did get it but not us.  Of course I am disappointed but watch when it gets to be tooo much I will be whining.  It looks like the first part of the weekend is going to be nice but the end not so much.


I am hoping Neighbor Sean will put in the storm door if he is available.  I asked Kim if he could do it and she was going to ask but he has been really busy most weekends and this weekend maybe no exception.  I know I have to put the chairs on the porch downstairs in the cellar.


I am hoping my energy level remains fairly high so I can do some stuff tonight (Laundry, vacuuming and stuff like that).


For some reason the laptop is not working right and its very frustrating.  It won’t open up to the IE and its been what I would like to say crashing.


Well I better go…





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