Dear Mom

Dear Mom.

The morning was incredibly cold and remained like that  for the day.   There was a winter  weather advisory for the northern part of the state and part of the fairfield county.    I don’t expect much for around here.

I was reading my friend Mardi’s posts and she was visiting her daughter in PA and she was posting that as she left it was snowing.  After some time past  it had stopped.    She had no other bad weather  since she got home.

Speaking of Friends Claire D called from down south last night.  She wanted to  catch up but she did a lot of the talking (and I find that rather self-serving but my job I guess was to listen).  She was kind enough to tell me she is in a house that will be  hers by next week.  I wasn’t totally comfortable telling her how the boys were doing as they are not  friendly with her to begin with.

I had a good bingo session today.  Marni was there and eventually the kids from Prep and Laurelton were there.  I think we had 15 residents and of course we did the communion .  I pretty much ran out of there to get home to watch LOTR.  I spent most of the day watching it.

I started making dinner around 3:30.  I put the steak in and I cooked the potato but it was bad but I  did make mushrooms.  It was done in stages but the steak came out pretty good.  I had it early to make sure I wouldn’t be eating too late for the ct-scan.

I heard from Jim via text.  He wanted to know how I was feeling and wishing me luck for tomorrow.  Then we got to talking about the buttons for rr.  He wants them.   I sent a message to Liz letting her know he wants them.

Well I am starting to get tired and  there is  still three and half hours left of the final movie.    I will say good night for now…


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