Dear Mom

Well it is Sunday night. I am exhausted and my shoulder is hurting every so often when I move.  As I mentioned earlier today was busy.

Bingo went really well.  I would say we had a full house.  Natalie and Bob were getting Christmas decorations out for the facility and also going to do soup.  Helen from Christ the Redeemer came and gave us communion.  She was later than usual which usually is not her way because it kind of collides with the church service in the next room.  After bingo I cleaned up the room and headed to Telka’s

On the way over I made some calls. Roberta was getting ready and was bringing her sister to the activity.  I  was the third one there eventually everyone arrived including Janet Kelly’s Mom.  We spent the next couple of hours we peeled and cored and talked while others mixed and baked.  A few times Roberta looked at me and asked me if I understand better what she is like.  The woman was indeed a bit odd and a little opinionated.  We were pretty much done by three I think.  I spent some time talking and visiting with a few of the girls.  We even got to visit with Alumni.  I headed home a short time later.

I checked in with Liz on the way home.  She was doing some big chores before her surgery tomorrow.  She reminded me of you when you get ready for the holidays or even a big event like the annual meet and greet.  I sort of understand it.  I had these big plans to make sure the house was in order before Wednesday.  I managed to finish some laundry and have dinner.

When I got home I saw Kim…she told me Sean would be over to help put the storm door when he got home.  He did and it feels different already.

I got a chance to see the Jeffries who arrived for the holidays today.  They look great.  Patty retired this year.  She is enjoying retirement very much.

I put some more of my old clothes in a bag.  Eventually I will be doing more of yours as well.  It is difficult no doubt.  Right now though I better check the my daily stuff is done.  I have to turn the heat down anyway.

I guess whatever needs to be done can be done tomorrow


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